Maybe you have a story to tell. Or people to educate. Or just a sketch on paper.  I can help you bring that to life. Let's get it out into the world with words fully formed and articulated well. 



A professional voiceover recording can make all the difference in your project, whether you are creating a short video for your website or developing resources for staff members.

I'm a professionally trained voiceover artist with home studio capabilities. With the magic of the Internet, I can deliver you a quality voiceover reading while several blocks or thousands of miles away.  

Specialties: Narrative, documentaries, biographies, e-learning, corporate, and self-guided tours

Sound:  Deep, resonate, warm, neighborly, patient, clear, professional




If you are struggling to come up with the right way to express your vision or communicate your message, I may be able to help. I have written copy for websites, marketing materials, video scripts, and trainings. I have also written blog and magazine articles, as well as authored and published a full-length book, Hope for the NIce Guy

For writing samples, please contact me via the information below.



Not sure where to begin?
Too exhausted to be creative?
Need some inspiration?

No problem. Let's chat. 

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P: 303.638.5816
E: spencertad AT gmail DOT com